Faculty Application

As my post-doc tenure at Stanford comes to a close, I am on the job-market for a tenure-track faculty positions. My research interests lie in energy systems analysis focusing on the technology-policy interface. Ideally, I would like find an academic home where research collaborations across disciplines are strongly encouraged, with significant student involvement.

My research lies at the intersection of engineering and public policy in the energy and environment sector. Currently, I am looking at the impacts of methane emissions on the overall greenhouse gas footprint of the United States. Although comprising only about 10% of greenhouse gas emissions in the US, methane has a significantly higher global warming potential compared to carbon-dioxide. My most recent publications can be found here and here. My current work is focused on policy solutions to tackle the methane leakage problem.

My broader research goals tries to address three fundamental, inter-related issues:

  1. Developing effective policy solutions to address distributed methane emissions from the oil and gas sector.
  2. Examining the role of natural gas in energy generation in a carbon constrained future.
  3. Understanding the role of natural gas in developing countries as a tool to reduce pollution.

I am also very passionate about teaching and mentoring. Througout my tenure as a graduate student and postdoc, I have mentored 13 undergrad and grad students through summer projects, independent work and senior-thesis. Many of these students have gone on to win best-poster awards at conferences. Based on my experiences as a senior fellow at the McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning at Princeton, I was able to incorporate effective pedagogical strategies to improve student learning in classes that I TAed. As a STEM student for most of my life, I’m acutely aware of the importance of diversity in my professional field. In this context, I have worked with the Office of Diversity at both Stanford and Princeton to bring research experiences to underrepresented students, as well as serving on committees that looked at improving inclusion. I look forward to continuing such activities as a faculty member.

Please find my application materials here.

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